Jaden Bricker

If you’re just as frustrated at popular culture and opinions as I am, then you should enjoy my content. I’m not afraid to call it like I see it or speak my mind. 

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Weezer: 'The Black Album' Review
3 months ago
They finally did it. Weezer has finally released the highly anticipated Black Album a month later than it was supposed to be. This could be one of the clear signs that the band wasn’t ready or happy w...
Youtube Covers Suck
8 months ago
With the incredible achievement that is internet entertainment, there comes opportunities for some quality content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. With the same opportunity that brings light to ...
'Beartooth: Disease' Album Review
8 months ago
Let’s be honest, Beartooth haven’t been the same since their debut, Disgusting. Aggressive was a sad attempt at trying to appeal to a wider audience with more universal lyrics and the millennial “woah...
Shut Up About Phones at Concerts
8 months ago
Go to any live performance of an artist from thirty years ago or more and you’ll see that one comment. In fact, you’ll see several comments just like this one.