Jaime Burbatt

My name is Jaime, I'm 19 years old & my dream is to be an author 

Hey, Hey, We're Criminally Underrated!
4 months ago
Over the years, many amazing and well respected musicians/bands have left their mark on the world. Beginning with a 1965 Newspaper ad, the music and television worlds were treated to a mix-up that wou...
Songs That Take You Places
a year ago
Do you ever find yourself living in a moment so euphoric, joyful or just plain memorable that you think to yourself "I can't waste this time. I need to have the perfect soundtrack playing so I can rec...
Are You Missing Out on Your Favorite Song?
a year ago
What was the first album that you ever loved? An album, that when you look at it now, sends you back to the first time you’d heard it? Do you ever think about the other possible albums you could have ...
The Millennials & The Monkees
a year ago
The millennial generation is now the largest, most ethnically diverse generation in American history. Though it is heavily debated, it is likely the age range is around those who are 18-35 today. And ...