Kayla Cooper

Screenwriting & Producing Major

Ohio University Class of 2020

18 Years Old

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15 Female Fronted Bands You Need to Listen To
5 days ago
Women have been coming hard in terms of pop-punk/rock music these days. Women are breaking down the barriers that kept them from being popular in the scene, their voices finally being heard. If you ar...
10 Worst Songs of 2017
3 months ago
2017 was an... odd year for music. It contained songs that were highly experimental, as well as songs that seemed to have much more emotion than we would have expected. That being said, there were man...
10 Warped Tour 2017 Acts 100% Worth Seeing
10 months ago
From 90s Punk Rock bands like blink-182 and Green Day to today's Pop Punk bands like All Time Low and Paramore, Vans Warped Tour has featured many amazing and well known acts, but among them, there ar...