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Searching For Sasquatch: 'Cabin Fever' Review
12 days ago
What happens when you take three friends with undeniable love and passion for music? You get the up and coming group Searching For Sasquatch. These small-town Connecticut boys are working to make thei...
'Proper Dose' Is Definitely One for the Books for TSSF
10 months ago
Proper Dose is the fourth album by pop punk band The Story So Far released last week on September 21. If you listened to any of the pre released tracks, you had the same thought as most people 'this i...
Caleb Shomo Takes Beartooth in a New Direction?
10 months ago
The new album Disease, released on September 28th, written and recorded by frontman Caleb Shomo is anything but usual for Beartooth. As touched greatly in their previous albums Sick, Aggressive, and D...