Kendall Earl

I am a student at University that is majoring in English. I hope to be a novel writer and am trying to work on my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my work.

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The Flava Flavs of Our Generation
8 months ago
While traveling to my classes via ride sharing services; my driver brought up her opinions on the rappers of the current day. Like many people who grew up in the old school era of rap and R&B, she did...
Respect for BTS and ARMY
8 months ago
With worldwide superstars BTS appearing on multiple shows and speaking at the UN; the world's attention has been on ARMY and the band. The Love Yourself Campaign was created to fight violence and prom...
Being Black and Loving BTS
8 months ago
I adore BTS. I love everything about them. From their music to their cute humor to their humbleness. I adore these boys far more than you can imagine. It’s to the point that a person could just put a ...