Kyle Mantha

Kyle Mantha is a writer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. You can find him on Twitter (@popejeans) making fun of your favourite rapper. 

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How 'lllmatic' Went From a Commercial Flop to a Genre-Defining Classic
3 months ago
The year is 1994. The location Queensbridge, New York City. 20-year-old Nasir Jones is fresh off the release of his debut album Illmatic, which, surprisingly, clocked in at a mere 59,000 copies on the...
Future's "Temptation" is a Perfect Song
4 months ago
Future released a new album a couple weeks ago. It’s a really good album. So good, in fact, that I can’t stop listening to it. I listen to it in the morning, and at night. I listen to it when I’m sad ...
Eminem, Kid Cudi, and the Art of the Comeback
10 months ago
Every rapper eventually falls off. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Even rappers who reach the pantheon of fame and fortune eventually lose their touch. It’s happened to countless MCs, and it’ll conti...
Long Live Mac Miller, King of the Weirdos
10 months ago
I first heard of Mac Miller in 2010. I was 12 years old and had just started to care about what kind of clothes I wore. I was going into the 8th grade and I knew exactly what I wanted to get for the n...
How Chief Keef Influenced an Entire Generation of Rappers
a year ago
Chief Keef’s influence should not be understated. Unfortunately, it almost always is. The near-veteran Chicago rapper paved the way for more rappers than you can count on two hands, yet he still isn’t...