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10 months ago
Ladies, ladies, ladies, are you tired of the f^*kboys and their disingenuous rhetoric? You know the haunting three words often used when us men really have no legit reason for what we just did or when...
Jaden Smith 'Syre' Album Review
a year ago
My mind is freaking blown away!! He completely nailed this!! Jaden Smith. Yes, the son of Will Smith! Jaden, currently signed to RocNation/MSFTS Music takes his art very seriously and tell his story o...
Brik.Liam – 'The Ascension LP' Review
a year ago
Stormy Saturday weather is always the best setting to submerge oneself into a full binge of music. Especially when you know you are diving into a project that’s guaranteed to leave you soaked with all...
KR - 'The Intermission" EP Review
a year ago
In a day where you have to google artist’s lyrics in order to translate the mumble and even then most of the wordplay or what I dare call “Bars” come up subpar, you get a true hip-hop artist from Los ...