M J Steel Collins

Independent publisher based in Glasgow and a keen fan of The Beatles and associated diaspora. 

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The Scottish Beatle
17 days ago
"I looked up to Stu, I depended on him to tell me the truth. Stu would tell me if something was good and I'd believe him" John Lennon (The Beatles In Scotland by Ken McNab) Stuart Sutcliffe might be d...
Lesser Featured Top 10 Guitarists
24 days ago
Lists of top ten guitarists published by large music magazines or major TV broadcasters are, frankly, dull. Sure, they list musicians who are undeniably, immensely talented and are worshipped everywhe...
What Are We Fighting For?
a year ago
Following the cessation of both the First and Second World Wars, the general attitude was that this level of conflict should be prevented from happening again. That may have been the mode of thought, ...
Elvis In the Bloodstream
2 years ago
Both of my parents are massive Elvis fans. His was the first music I heard that had an effect on me, with the end result that I'm something of a fan too. It's quite interesting how what your parents l...
Dark Matter, White Noise
2 years ago
As collaborator Les Claypool put it, Sean Lennon is a "musical mutant," something to treasure in the music industry, which seems to be stultified by the desire of powerful executives to make a lot of ...
Review: Rory Gallagher Irish Tour '74
2 years ago
It has been 22 years since the legendary Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher passed away at the age of only 47. He is still adored by an army of loyal fans and held in high regard by musicians ranging from...