Madeline Eckhart

Co-founder and member of DreamStates, vocalist, ukulele player, writer, actress, and aunt.  ♓  Check the band out on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon music, Google play, Facebook, blarglfnralspace, rekabglefluschrekddit etc.  <3 ya

'The Best Complex'
6 months ago
Though it had been several years now of knowing Natalie, it was the first year I had lived with her that inspired me to take music back up in the first place. Natalie is my very best friend, and that isn't exaggeration. Over the course of this year in particular, I feel like our bond has strengthened immensely, learning how to make decisions as a band while at the same time maintaining the time of teacher and student that initially spurred our collaboration. Early into our summer performances, w...