Marcia Frost

I am a lifestyle journalist, who wrote about music as a teen in the late 70s & early 80s. I'm back at it again, mostly writing about the same bands I covered decades ago, and how much they have evolved personally and professionally.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Keeps the Rock Rolling
9 months ago
Although he just turned 40 this year, Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been performing on center stage for over 20 years. At the tender age of 16, he was recognized for his vocals and guitar talent. Since tha...
Dave Cavalier Opens Bourbon & Beyond
a year ago
When Dave Cavalier’s name appeared on the schedule to open the inaugural Bourbon & Beyond festival, many questioned who he was. As the crowd grew and his performance went on, there were many more who ...
Rock Triple Play: Tesla, Voices of Extreme, and Red Reign
a year ago
The beautiful and historic Embassy Theater, originally opened in 1928 under the name Emboyd Theater, had a full house for a hard rock event. Tesla celebrated 30 years on tour along with two other exce...
Tom Petersson Explains Why Cheap Trick Has Staying Power
a year ago
Cheap Trick is one of the few bands who never really stopped performing and recording over the past 40 years. Their songs are all written as a collaboration of the four band members: Tom Petersson, Ro...
Country Singer Jessie Chris
a year ago
Two years ago, Jessie Chris became the youngest person to ever perform at the CMA Festival. Since that time, the rising star has proven the importance of persistence in your career, an effort that got...
Cheap Trick and 38 Special Rock the River
a year ago
Cheap Trick has been hitting the road hard this summer, especially in the Midwest, where they started playing in local clubs all those years ago. They were especially welcomed in Peoria, Illinois. The...