Mark Darnell

Mark R Darnell started music on trumpet at 10 and Guitar/Bass/Drums at 12. After returning home from Anderson University studying music Industry and Performance has been playing in the Michiana music scene for over 38 years. Nashville too.

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1972 Was It a Good Year?
a year ago
Was 1972 a special year for the Telecaster guitar? That question we will cover in detail and you can decide. However, Fender did come out with several new designs, making the Telecaster available with...
Top 12 Things Bands or Artists Should Not Do at Gigs!
a year ago
Having over 35 years experience of playing in bands and musical groups all over the Northern Midwest and all over the East & West Caribbean (cruise ship), I have learned and experienced what to do and...
Juniors Gone Wild
2 years ago
I have spent a good portion of my mid- to late-twenties trying to find the right sound for me. At the time I was in an all-original band that did play covers to pay the bills. So needing something ver...
PCC160 Boundary Mic
2 years ago
1985 was a very interesting year in the microphone market. January of that year Crown International introduced a very oddly shaped and interesting mic called the PCC160. Following the huge success of ...
Crown CM700
2 years ago
*Pros: Small, Smooth Sound, Priced right! They sound like a "million dollars". *Cons: These mic's are now obsolete. And very little support is out there for them, if you need them to be serviced. I ha...
Fender Toronado: Not to Be Confused With Grandma's GM Oldsmobile
2 years ago
This is not to be confused with your Grandma’s old boat of a car, the GM Oldsmobile Toronado! This is a guitar folks. This is one breed of guitar that has both confused and interested me at the same t...