Mark McConville

Mark McConville is a freelance music journalist from Scotland. He has written extensively about music for online and print publications. He has also been published in a short story anthology. 

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Pvris — All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell: Album Review
2 months ago
Lead singer Lynn Gunn marches through a destructive atmosphere, she fights against the droves of demons which rack her brain, and she tries to overcome the strips of darkness which pummels the light. ...
Paramore: Altering Of Styles.
2 months ago
Pop punk has become somewhat swollen. It has many bands under its weighty arms. It gathers up many acts and spits them out into a state of failure. Many acts fizzle out or imitate, spearheading their ...
Is Punk Rock Dead?
2 months ago
Is punk dead? Has punk changed its face a million times? Has its ethos and independent spark fizzled out? Well with pop music ruling the scene, it could now be a dead genre. Of course, we don’t want i...
Green Day: American Idiot—A Saving Grace
2 months ago
In 2004, a band from California revitalized their careers with a record which sent shockwaves through the industry. That band was Green Day, an act predominantly hooked to punk, a group of aging rocke...
Brand New: A Retrospection and a Record of Wonder
2 months ago
It came like a red alert, it startled many minds, it now dazzles with its emotional entanglement, proving that the New York band Brand New love to surprise. They did so with their new record Science F...
Neck Deep: 'The Peace and the Panic' – Album Review
2 months ago
Pop punk is a strained genre and it has many acts under its umbrella. But, there’s always a shiny gem, a diamond in the rough pushing through for glory. That band is Neck Deep, an act raising hairs wi...