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7 Worst Albums of 2017
3 months ago
There's no better time to reflect upon the worst music that 2017 had to offer than late into January, right? Right? Alright, I know I'm a little late to the party, but this is only because it took a l...
7 Worst Songs of 2017
4 months ago
As 2017 quickly draws to a close, its time to toughen up and dissect the best and the worst of what the musical world had to offer these past 12 months. While the majority of people seemed to detest 2...
Weezer: Worst to Best
5 months ago
When Weezer emerged amongst the rubble of grunge music in the mid 1990's with their debut self-titled Blue Album in 1994, it was obvious that their influence on the rock scene would be felt for years ...
7 Best Rock Bands of the 2000s
6 months ago
As of July 2017, it was revealed that rock is no longer the most popular musical genre in the United States. While many different factors played into rock's seemingly sudden fall from grace, one parti...
7 Worst Rock Bands of the 1990s
6 months ago
In the immortal words of the great hip-hop luminary Unkle Adams, "Oy I’m from the 90s, boy I’m from the 90s, boy I’m from the 90s, didn’t cha knooooow?! Girls with the scrunchies, ribbons, and boooows...
7 Worst Rock Bands of the 2000's
7 months ago
I just like to hate things apparently. I must admit, sometimes its way more fun to tear something down than build another up. Hell, sometimes its even easier. However, this is precisely what I will be...