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7 Worst Rock Bands of the 1990s
15 days ago
In the immortal words of the great hip-hop luminary Unkle Adams, "Oy I’m from the 90s, boy I’m from the 90s, boy I’m from the 90s, didn’t cha knooooow?! Girls with the scrunchies, ribbons, and boooows...
7 Worst Rock Bands of the 2000's
24 days ago
I just like to hate things apparently. I must admit, sometimes its way more fun to tear something down than build another up. Hell, sometimes its even easier. However, this is precisely what I will be...
7 Good Songs From Awful Bands
a month ago
So, maybe I was a little too harsh on Alice Cooper. Maybe I was a little too harsh on Green Day. Oh, well. Now, I would like to focus on the opposite side of the spectrum, so on this list I will be ta...
7 Terrible Songs by Great Bands
a month ago
"Nobody's perfect." These immortal words, originally spoken by the legendary Hannah Montana, reign true, even in the cases of the greatest bands to walk the face of the Earth. On this list, I will be ...
7 Haunting Songs About Death
a month ago
Happiness be damned. While the occasional pop banger does a lot towards keeping one's psyche blissfully aloft, one simply can't escape the existence of a universe saturated by music that explores the ...
Somehow It's Already Been a Year: A Look at Touché Amoré's Post-Hardcore Masterpiece: 'Stage Four' - 1 Year Later
a month ago
"Somehow it's already been a year," lead vocalist Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré bellows out at the beginning of "New Halloween," the second track off of the band’s 4th studio album Stage Four. However i...