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Hello there. I am a blogger supreme. I started a blog on There i talk about music, movies, video games and news sometimes.

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Jay Z: From Worst to Best
15 hours ago
*Note this is up to date for 2017. Dynasty Roc La Familia is not included*
From Worst to Best: Rick Ross
4 days ago
This is a ranking of Rick Ross' albums, from worst to best.
Kanye West 'Graduation' Review
4 months ago
Opening Opinion: 9.5 My hype for this album was very high. It’s kind of a hard feeling to describe. I had heard enough singles from the album to know that it was dope. However what wasn’t apparent to ...
Documentary 2 + 2.5 Review
4 months ago
The Documentary 2 Opening Opinion 9.9/10 The Documentary 2.5 Opening Opinion 10/10 Okay, so this is technically a double in depth review… but let me kill two birds with one stone. These albums really ...
Drake Albums
4 months ago