Max Jones

New Orleans raised, a retired self taught sax player who spends his time keeping jazz alive through his writing, reviews, and occasional show.

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Duke Ellington & The Gang
2 years ago
A benevolent patriarch, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington allowed this assemblage of virtuosos a maximum of creative attitude in performance and often deferred to their ideas as his pieces took form in ...
Female Fronted Bands That Rock
2 years ago
Female fronted bands have traditionally been in the minority in popular music. Men have comprised the most legendary bands in rock and roll history; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the ...
Iconic Female Rappers
2 years ago
The rap industry, like most things, seems to be dominated by men. However, a little digging will show that there are a number of iconic female rappers who deserve more credit than they are getting. Th...
Best Record Players For Record Collectors
2 years ago
For the long-time record collector and the novice alike, one of the most important decisions is buying a record player. From adjustability to size to weight to sound and compatibility with modern tech...
Best Album Covers of the 70s
2 years ago
They say if you can remember the 70s then you didn’t really experience them, so we’ve put together this list of the best album covers of the 70s in order to help you jog your memory. The 70s were a re...
Rise of Music Streaming
2 years ago
The way that we consume media has changed substantially in the last decade, in particular we have seen the rise of music streaming as one of, if not the most, popular way for people to consume media. ...