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Review: All of the 'Big 5' Entries for Eurovision 2018
a year ago
Since 2000, France, Germany, Spain and the UK have all directly qualified for the final (with Italy joining this notorious group in 2011) . This is regardless of whether their entries soared to the to...
Eurovision You Decide; Reviewing Our UK Hopefuls for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
2 years ago
Eurovision as of late has been a somewhat tumultuous affair for the United Kingdom. We have had sprinkles of good results, and then fallen flat on our faces with some questionable internal selections ...
Must Try Harder; How the United Kingdom Could Win Eurovision Again
2 years ago
Oh, Eurovision: a guilty pleasure to some, a complete indulgence to others. Arguably (and most definitely in my eyes) the biggest music contest in the world, it is an enigma of sorts. It exists in its...