Mountain Sage

Hello we're, singer-songwriter's and world traveler's with a love of high mountain peaks and rolling waves. We're living on those things and in that way! You can check out the music too (MountainSage) Enjoy!

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Pearl and Wood
9 months ago
It's approximately just after 4 PM when I roll up to the venue. It's August 12th and a late afternoon is settling into an early evening nicely. Jim and Sharill, the main owners of 4 Mile B&B, greet us...
Having a Successful Gig
10 months ago
I will admit that I have had my share of gigs in which I think I wasn't prepared enough. I think many are in that same boat. Music gigs are interesting because they generally are quite different than ...
Mountain Valley
2 years ago
It's early sometimes when I rise and after meditation I love being able to pick up my guitar. It's led me on such a wonderful fantastical adventure so far and it's something that only improves with ag...
Full Moon
2 years ago
It's another hot day on the coast of Fukushima and it's late summer. I'm in a car and driving deep into a jungle that I thought I could not drive into. Mark has told me about a music festival that hap...