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Bang Yongguk - ‘Bangyongguk’ Album Review
8 days ago
When it comes to career trajectories, there are few more complex than Bang Yongguk’s. Starting out as part of the underground rap group Soul Connection, Yongguk debuted under the name “Jepp Blackman,”...
Epik High—‘Sleepless in __________‘ Album Review
14 days ago
Amongst all the hip-hop trios in the world, you’ll struggle to find one more consistent than Epik High. Forming back in 2001, the threesome—Tablo, Mithra Jin, DJ Tukutz—has dominated both national and...
Mokyo—Music For the Mind
16 days ago
Music is an art form, a captivating lens in which we can gain insight into the inner psyche of its artists, a gaze into the world we live in through differing perspectives, or simply just a form of re...
Sik-K – 'FL1P' Album Review
24 days ago
Right now, it’s hard to find a rapper more interesting than Sik-K. Evolving his style magnificently over the course of his career, the South-Korean has gone from strength to strength with each passing...
Simple Creatures - The Best Risk of 2019
a month ago
Music is a truly wonderful thing. Appealing to anyone and everyone, it’s an art form that has the ability to connect people from all walks of life. Inclusive and diverse, there’s something out there f...
ONE OK ROCK — ‘Eye of the Storm’ Album Review
a month ago
When you look at the state of rock music in 2019, you will see that it’s all about one thing: reinvention. Whether it’s heavy groups dabbling in softer sounds, once raw, gritty bands trialing with ele...