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Sik-K: Hip-Hop’s Next Big Thing
2 days ago
When it comes to the Korean Hip-Hop scene, there are few artists hotter than Sik-K (both figuratively and literally). Signed to H1GHR MUSIC, the 24-year-old has actually been around since 2013, debuti...
Throwback Album Review: Heavens - ‘Patent Pending’
10 days ago
The mid 2000s were arguably the peak when it came to modern alternative music entering the mainstream. Sure it has since flirted with alternative bands such as Paramore and Twenty One Pilots, but noth...
Revisiting Blink-182’s ‘Neighborhoods’
15 days ago
In many ways, Neighborhoods is one of the most controversial Blink-182 albums. Gone were the traces of the carefree, buoyant, anti-boyband sound, and in came a lyrically deep record full of weight and...
The Artist of 2018: Eric Nam
19 days ago
As we enter the final purgatorial days between Christmas and New Year, I started to get reflective. 2018 has been a great year for music in numerous ways, but I was left wondering whether there was an...
The Unsung Song of 2018: Simon Dominic—'Demolition Man'
23 days ago
Simon Dominic has always been an intriguing artist for hip-hop fans. Drawing from inspirations of the past, the 34-year-old adds a modern flavour to his classical hip-hop stylings, ensuring everything...
Under the Spotlight: Sam Kim
a month ago
To give a blunt introduction, Sam Kim is a fantastic artist. The 20-year old has a captivating way of shifting styles, showing range, and delivering songs straight out of the top-drawer seemingly effo...