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Sandeul - 'One Fine Day' EP Review
3 months ago
Returning with his first EP since 2016 is Sandeul, a member of the K-Pop group B1A4. Titled One Fine Day, it’s a smooth, versatile offering that showcases the immense talent the 27-year-old has, and i...
Colde - ‘Love Part 1’ EP Review
3 months ago
Colde is back. After a recent appearance on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel with the station track “Loss,” a poignant number that combines a sleek, somber piano melody with both a hazy string-secti...
NCT 127 - ‘We Are Superhuman’ EP Review
3 months ago
In case you’ve been living under a rock, NCT 127 are quietly taking over the world. Through futuristic soundscapes and a refreshing idiosyncrasy that is rare in today’s music, the ten member group—Tae...
WINNER - ‘WE’ - EP Review
3 months ago
From time to time, an artist can become a force to be reckoned with, yet still remain under-appreciated. These artists, although immensely talented, seemingly never get the recognition or acclaim they...
April’s Anthems—The Best of Last Month’s Music
3 months ago
In many ways, April was the first month that felt inspired when it comes to music in 2019. Until now, the year has felt like it’s had patches of brilliance, but nothing to truly write home about. Howe...
10 Years On—Eun Ji Won—‘Platonic’
4 months ago
It might be an incredibly hard task, but cast your ears back to 2009. Upon doing so, you’ll realise it was a year full of interesting releases with The Black Eyed Peas having hit after hit, Lady Gaga ...