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Timmy Xu—the Future Star You Need to Hear
4 months ago
It takes a lot for me to be truly captivated by an artist. Sure, there are lots of bands or acts I listen to for various purposes, such as for background music whilst cleaning, or to relive an old mem...
An Alternate Winter Playlist
4 months ago
If you’re like me, then, despite the fact it’s November, you’ve already found yourself bored by the sheer amount of Christmas songs sneaking their way onto the radio and television screen. No, I’m not...
Day6 - ‘Unlock’ Album Review
5 months ago
Korean rock band Day6 are no strangers to shattering expectations. Their two full-length albums consisting of songs released as part of the Every Day6 project helped earn them public praise and expand...
Zion.T - ‘ZZZ’ Album Review
5 months ago
Anyone who knows me knows my love for Zion.T. The idiosyncratic artist draws various aspects of music together and seemingly effortlessly blends it into something unique and palatable, never losing co...
The Rose - 'Dawn' EP Review
5 months ago
In 2018, it’s rare to hear of a band that started out through busking on the streets. It’s something that attracts me to a band on a personal level. It creates a feeling that the band or artist has a ...
Cult of Ya – The Concert Promoters That Care
7 months ago
Cult of Ya is a community of left-leaning, underground music fans. We aim to satisfy the demand for unseen, previously inaccessible underground misc worldwide, and provide access to both emerging and ...