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Virtuosity Agency is a Memphis Booking and Management company out of Young Avenue Sound Studios in trendy Cooper Young in Memphis.  Music Lovers, talking about music, the industry and all things related. 

#901Spotlight on Stu Stu Studio: Josh Stevens
21 days ago
If you are in Memphis Music, you have probably heard of Josh Stevens. He has been in more bands than most Memphians can name, and is always in the background trying to make the music scene better and more accessible to everyone. I met him at the infamous Buccaneer a few years back, when he played with Indeed We Digress. After that brief encounter, I had a professional falling out with one of our mutual friends, and Josh showed his true colors being there to try and smooth that out. Unlike most p...
An Open Letter from an Agent
2 months ago
Being an agent in the music industry is one of the most difficult jobs. You are a behind the scenes cog in the machine, and your entire position is directly correlated with the success of your clients...
#901Spotlight HotKey Studios: Blake Heimbach
3 months ago
Heimbach, who was one of the original creative inhabitants of Young Avenue Sound with us as we opened up shop, is another one of the ambitious, young professionals we have grown sharing space with. Hi...
Heartbreak Playlist
4 months ago
Just in time for Valentine's Day, we have the perfect "Break Up" playlist for you. The day of love, riddled with fake, cheap chocolates, and grocery store bouquets induces gag reflexes for some of us ...
The 25 Best Genre Crossover Covers
4 months ago
Every once in a while, an artist covers a song and they prove their versatility and expertise in those three or so minutes. They take everyone by surprise and sometimes, dare I say, overshadow the ori...
The Ghost of Jim Morrison
4 months ago
The year is 1974. Capital Records releases a single "Black Magic, White Magic" along with liner notes stating the band consists of Drummer X, Bassist Y, and Keyboardist Z, with vocals and music writte...