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Virtuosity Agency is a Memphis Booking and Management company out of Young Avenue Sound Studios in trendy Cooper Young in Memphis.  Music Lovers, talking about music, the industry and all things related. 

Forever 27 Club
6 days ago
The list of musicians who have died at the age of 27 is daunting. Not in just names of talented individuals, but the fact 27 is considered the beginning of life, yet these lives were cut short, almost...
Memphis Music Legends: Don Mann and Memphis Records, LLC
a month ago
Donald Cameron Mann, the quintessential Renaissance man, who was a quiet force in the changing music business at the turn of the century played a huge role in the Memphis Music Scene, then and now. He...
Twelve Music Festivals You Can Still Catch
a month ago
Maybe you thought you’d missed all the music festivals this year. I’m here to tell you there’s still a chance to catch some amazing ones. Official music fest season may be from April to June, but ther...
It's Okay to Admit You like Rap, Karen
a month ago
I used to be a rarity. The oldest female in the audience of a show, and actually singing the lyrics, not just accompanying my underage daughter. I had come a long way from my late husband blaring Bird...
Why is the World Sleeping on Goody Grace?
a month ago
The young Canadian Crooner out of Selkirk, Manitoba, Goody Grace, released his first EP entitled Infinite (Atlantic/ Bananabeat) this Spring. His career began on Soundcloud with self-release of covers...
The Band Tragedy Could Not Silence
2 months ago
The Bar-Kays are one of the most prolific and resilient groups of musicians, past and present. They began their illustrious careers fresh out of high school in Memphis, TN, and found success very early on. That success came with several tragedies, but the band always survived, in spite of them. While researching the backstory for this blog, I learned just how many tragedies would befall the group throughout the years, and how strong it had made them. I also learned of their overwhelming success....