Oliver Pawsey

Mixed Feelings: Parodies and the Alternative Scene
2 years ago
Music is a popular pastime for most people, and when large groups of people take something seriously, satire, spoofs, and parodies are sure to spring up around it, Music is no exception. Popular music is often parodied, most people have heard the stylings of Weird Al Yankovic; his album Mandatory Fun did quite well in 2014, parodying the hits of that year.
We Are The Ocean, Lonely The Brave, Go Primitive, and Drop Down Smiling @ The Vault, Rugby – 3/08/2013
2 years ago
The Vault is a splendid little venue in the medium-sized town in the midlands called Rugby. It is anything but mediocre. It always has a pleasant atmosphere, a great sound team, and friendly staff (dr...