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Catchiest Metal Cover Songs
2 months ago
Most people cast metal aside as one of those music genres that is all about screaming to the sound of thrashing guitar riffs. For some bands, this might be true. After all, not all metal bands are goo...
Best 90s Alternative Rock Albums
2 months ago
The 90s was an era that might have just been one of the last golden ages of pop culture. During this time, alternative rock gained footing and quickly became a mainstream phenomenon. If you ask many r...
Top Two Hit Wonders
2 months ago
Most people can name a one hit wonder band. There are tons of them, all of them once considered to be "the next big thing to hit music" only to be unable to top the stuff that launched them to stardom...
Forgotten 60s Rock Bands
2 months ago
The 1960s has brought about some of the best music in human history. It was this era that brought famous acts like the Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and even The Supremes. It's hard not to fin...
Best New Wave Bands on Spotify
3 months ago
In the 1970s and 1980s, one of the most uniquely iconic genres of pop-rock was invented. That genre was new wave, and it's characterized by its uniquely electronic take on punk rock. It's not quite po...
Signs You're Getting Dropped From the Band
3 months ago
Being part of a band isn't easy. There are constant practice sessions, rehearsals, and work involved in touring. At times, even just squeezing the time to play at different venues and sync up schedule...