Paula Macena

16 years old. author of “broken walls and a hospital gown” and “stuff i wrote after cutting my hair”, available on amazon. 

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Let's Talk About Childish Gambino's "This Is America"
a year ago
Since its initial release on May 5, "This is America" has been trending on social media due to the powerful messages and symbolism in the music video. Childish Gambino, A.K.A. Donald Glover, proves hi...
Songs With a Yellow Theme
a year ago
Yellow is often used in phrases in songs. Whether it is sung metaphorically, literally, or randomly, you will be sure to hear the color in a couple of your favorites. Similar to blue, it is used to ex...
Feel Good Songs for the Summer
a year ago
There are those types of songs you've always heard of, but you have no idea what the names of them are or who sings them. There are also songs that put a warm feeling in your heart that you have yet t...