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Ranking Kendrick Lamar's 'The Heart' Series
6 months ago
The metamorphosis of Kendrick Lamar—from a good kid, to Hip-Hop's poet laureate—has been a joy to witness. With his art, Lamar has reconciled with racism, gang-violence, depression, self-hatred, and h...
Bas: 'Milky Way' Review
6 months ago
Welcome to his universe.
Mac Miller's 'Swimming' Review
6 months ago
Swimming or Drowning?
YG - 'Stay Dangerous' Review
6 months ago
Can you say 'three-peat?'
Travis Scott - 'Astroworld' Review
6 months ago
A New Kind of Amusement Park
Denzel Curry – 'TA1300' Review
7 months ago
Fiery Energy Meets Lyrical Tenacity