Rasma Raisters

My passions are writing and creating poetry. I write for several sites online and have four themed blogs. 

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Forever Young Rod Stewart
2 months ago
This British rock singer-songwriter with his unending energy and vitality continues to entertain his fans to this very day. Rod Stewart’s heritage is a mixture of English and Scottish ancestry. He cou...
Surfing with The Beach Boys
3 months ago
This is a very popular and well known American rock band, whose beginnings were in Hawthorne, California in 1961. The original Beach Boys were Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine...
Little Richard
4 months ago
A very popular American recording artist, songwriter, and musician, whose performances thrilled his fans, was born as Richard Wayne Penniman and became known as Little Richard. He was most popular in ...
Shining Star Janis Joplin
6 months ago
To tell others about a talent like Janis Joplin is like trying to explain a moonbeam that is here and then so quickly gone again. She had talent, amazing talent, but as the fates would have it, she wa...
Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
6 months ago
This is a tragic tale involving Rory Storm who was an English musician and vocalist. He was born in 1938 as Alan Caldwell in Liverpool but took the name Storm and became the singer and leader of a Liv...
The Everly Brothers
6 months ago
The Everly Brothers were two real-life brothers Isaac Donald “Don” Everly and Phillip “Phil” Everly who played rock and roll songs with a kind of American country flair. They had lots of very touching...