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I am a teenager trying to write my perspective on music in multiple genres.I like rap and rnb the most but I will most likely branch out to other genres. I will write a review once a week on a newly released album or an album i've revisited

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Beyonce 'Homecoming' Documentary
17 days ago
Beyonce’s Homecoming is just another pin on her jacket. Homecoming to me was a unification ceremony in a musical and cultural sense. It was meant to be a collection of all that Beyonce was and will be...
Igor Album Review (Part 1)
23 days ago
My breakdown
"Going Bad": Music Video Review
4 months ago
"Going Bad" is one of the top charting singles from Meek Mill's album Championships. It’s a very boastful record that doesn’t have a much deeper meaning or context. It mainly is championing the succes...
'East Atlanta Love Letter' Review (Pt. 1)
5 months ago
"Unfair" — this 2 minute and 16-second song seems like a prelude or narration. He speaks as if he’s narrating a past action and states that he doesn’t want his mistakes to burden him. He hopes his mis...
Songs from the Chicago Underground (Dial Up CD Side A)
5 months ago
Recently I've been trying to find new music, and the hip hop/R&B collective Dial Up is what I've been searching for. Their first project released March 20 2018, and a few tracks have made permanent sp...
Russ: 'Zoo' Music Review
9 months ago
Russ' second Columbia Records studio album ZOO was released yesterday. It was a follow up to the album There's Really a Wolf released in 2017. Russ is known for his "me against the world" attitude and...