Renée Wood

Literature major that dislikes most classics. I'm passionate about music, pastries, mental health, and reading. My dream is to one-day live in a stone cottage, raising kids. 

(And by kids, I mean goats.)

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15 Songs About Rain
a year ago
Welcome to April, a month filled with study sessions, weed jokes, high school dances, and rain. Or, at least, it should be full of rain. Unfortunately, the weather (at least where I live) seems to dis...
Album Interludes You Need to Listen To
a year ago
I have a brother trying to break into the music industry. He spends hours and hours streaming, searching, and creating pieces every day. When we used to live together, he would burst in my room at thr...
10 Songs That Feel Like Spring
a year ago
Call me biased, but spring has always been my favorite time of year. Maybe it's because of that cliché sense of renewal. Maybe because my birthday occurs in the season. Maybe it's because I have genet...
12 Songs for Throwback Thursday
a year ago
So, it's 2018. New year, new you etc. Everyone is looking to the future and what's coming. But what about the kids that don't feel like they belong in this technology-heavy time? I've grown up constan...
Songs for Every Stage in a Breakup
2 years ago
So maybe they broke it off with you, or you broke up with them. Maybe they cheated, or you lied, or it just didn't work. Perhaps you've mucked up a beautiful friendship or misinterpreted the relations...
10 Bittersweet Songs for Winter
2 years ago
Thanksgiving has come and gone, signaling the inevitable return of winter. With days full of family, friends, and happy memories, some nights all you want is to relax and unwind. So, whether it's cozy...