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Hey Baby Continues to Rock Westchester
a year ago
If you decide on a rockin' night out on a Friday Night with the Hey Baby band and notice a twirling disco ball above, don’t expect that these guys to pay it any heed. “We don’t conform to KC and The S...
Woody Guthrie Didn’t Read the Headlines. He Found the Battle Lines
a year ago
Last week at the Jacob Burns Film Center, audience members found residence in Peter Frumkin’s Woody Guthrie documentary Ain’t go no Home. Opening the evening, which included a discussion from Frumkin ...
Darlene Love Never Fails to Bring Christmas Home
2 years ago
Darlene Love first appeared on the scene in the 1960’s girl group, The Blossoms. The female flowering provided doo-wop backup for artists that ranged from Sam Cooke and Elvis to Frank Sinatra and Dion...
Daddy Stingray Returns with his Sweet Talkin' Symphony
2 years ago
Who knew that without Daddy Stingray the world we know would barely exist. All the more remarkable since his musical sting and songwriting only blesses us every 15,000 years. In the desolate interim, ...
Gary Puckett Remembers Union Gap and Young Girl
2 years ago
As musicians themselves, the parents of Classic Rock Icon Gary Puckett made sure their children grew up in a home where music was often played and listened to. His dad played the sax and sang in Barbe...
Dani Felt Consultants Keeps Their Clients Connected
2 years ago
As a musician, enlisting a music consultant to amplify your career can feel like beginning a relationship that proceeds from parallel universes and distances the artist’s passion from the pragmatics o...