Rj Mitchell

Lead singer of the band Beldam, lover of the metals, horror movies and grower of beards! Currently on a 365 new albums in 365 days challenge  

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Four Albums in 2018 I Regret Missing at the Time!
7 months ago
Somehow, in a year where I listened to a new album to me every day for all 365 days in it, I missed some really good albums. These few should have been on my top 30 albums of the year—had I heard them...
Mirrors for Psychic Warfare - 'I See What I Became' Review
7 months ago
Mirrors for Psychic Warfare is a two-piece Industrial/Folk project featuring Scott Kelly of Neurosis and producer Sanford Parker. The pair formed in 2016 and are most likely based out of the pacific n...
Top 30 Albums of 2018
8 months ago
Wow, what a year overall am I right? From everything in the world to what I can only imagine personally this year has been a roller coaster for a ton of people! I will say musically it has been a craz...
My Top 8 EPs of 2018
8 months ago
This year had some amazing releases (some really bad, too) that I moved my top 20 albums to 30! In that, there were a ton that were fighting for the cut, so I decided to take eight of the best EPs fro...
My Top 20 Songs of 2018
8 months ago
It is that magical time of year, list time! Here are my top 20 of the year, did some of these match up with yours? Did I miss any must-hears? Let me know, but here we go!
Realm of Wolves—'Oblivion'
8 months ago
Formed early in 2018, Realm of Wolves was formed in almost a supergroup fashion by the members of vvilderness, Silent Island and other projects in similar style. The band members in true (Or is it Trv...