Samantha Bentley

Music Maker, Writer & Yogi. Proud Vegan/Animal Lover. Award winning Ex-Adult Actress. Penthouse Pet Aug 2015. Briefly in Game Of Thrones. Socially awkward, sexually devious, typically English.

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Bad Bentley January 2018 Mix
a day ago
Ok, so last January I did a New Year's Eve mix while I was in Bali on tour with my other half. Beat had just launched and I swore I would do a mix every month. It was one of my precious New Year's res...
My Top Tracks of 2017
20 days ago
My favourites of the past year, in no particular order... and yes I included myself in there too....
Being a Girl in the Music Industry Is Hard
a month ago
Being a girl in the music industry is hard. Being a girl that has done porn and is now in the music industry? Even harder. The rejection, preconceived opinions and complete and utter dismissal at some...
The UK's Best Music Festivals
5 months ago
Some festivals you go to for the music, some you go for one specific act, but most of the time, a festival is an experience. A weekend long, drug- and alcohol-fuelled, welly boots and glitter eye make...
MODESTEP - Bringing Dubstep Home
10 months ago
If you don’t know who Modestep are, then you have probably never listened to UK Dubstep. Covered from head to toe in tattoos and now in the process of writing their third album, it seems like a lifeti...
Fuck Your Valentines Day Cliche Mixtape
a year ago
I literally just posted my top tracks for January a couple of days ago, because I am a slacker, but I feel a bit like I didn't do you guys justice. I was lazy, I made a playlist, I chucked all my favo...