Samantha Bentley

Award winning adult actress. Penthouse pet. International DJ and musical creature. Briefly in Game Of Thrones. Yogi and lover of Vegan food. Socially awkward, sexually devious, typically English.

MODESTEP - Bringing Dubstep Home
4 months ago
If you don’t know who Modestep are, then you have probably never listened to UK Dubstep. Covered from head to toe in tattoos and now in the process of writing their third album, it seems like a lifeti...
Fuck Your Valentines Day Cliche Mixtape
6 months ago
I literally just posted my top tracks for January a couple of days ago, because I am a slacker, but I feel a bit like I didn't do you guys justice. I was lazy, I made a playlist, I chucked all my favo...
January 2017 Essential Playlist
6 months ago
So, as I promised, I am going to be doing a playlist of songs I have discovered or been obsessed with each month. 2017 has GOT to be better than 2016, right? I mean come on. 2016 might have been the m...
New Years Eve Mini Mix
7 months ago
The new year is almost upon us, and thank fuck for that. 2016 has been, in a word: Horrific. Between the turbulent bullshit going on all over the world and the deaths of so many beloved stars (largely...