Sammi Curran

Hi all!! My name is Sammi and I'm an aspiring writer and editor! I love Kpop, ASMR, books, and movies!!

BTS at the United Nations: Generation Unlimited Summit
8 days ago
The biggest boy band on the planet, South Korean group BTS, has just spoken at the United Nations Monday, September 24. It sounds a little strange to people who don’t know them. They are a pop group w...
10 Underrated BTS Songs
a month ago
BTS has no shortage of songs. They have new albums more frequently than it is humanly possible. Thanks to this, we get a barrage of BTS hits quite often, along with multiple music videos to accompany ...
Why BTS Is So Popular
3 months ago
If you walk into my room, you'll be assaulted straight away with posters of the BTS boys, small postcards of J-Hope (actually, 23 postcards, 2 Polaroids, and 2 photo cards to be exact) and an entire s...