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Who Is J-Hope?
9 hours ago
It’s February 18th, meaning that one of the BTS boys is turns 25. J-Hope is one of BTS’ older members, the third oldest after Jin and Suga. Despite this fact, it’s hard to pinpoint this at times. J-Ho...
Celebrating Kim Seokjin: Awake and Epiphany
2 months ago
An amazing thing about BTS is that they have one of the most talented vocalists in the business who seems to get the least amount of lines. Kim Seokjin, the oldest member of the Korean boy band, is ev...
RM’s Mono: A Mixtape for Your Heart and Mind
4 months ago
Kim Namjoon (or RM, to use his stage name) is one of the most talented musicians working right now. Besides being the leader of South Korea’s megastar group BTS, he has just released his second mixtap...
BTS at the United Nations: Generation Unlimited Summit
4 months ago
The biggest boy band on the planet, South Korean group BTS, has just spoken at the United Nations Monday, September 24. It sounds a little strange to people who don’t know them. They are a pop group w...
10 Underrated BTS Songs
5 months ago
BTS has no shortage of songs. They have new albums more frequently than it is humanly possible. Thanks to this, we get a barrage of BTS hits quite often, along with multiple music videos to accompany ...
Why BTS Is So Popular
7 months ago
If you walk into my room, you'll be assaulted straight away with posters of the BTS boys, small postcards of J-Hope (actually, 23 postcards, 2 Polaroids, and 2 photo cards to be exact) and an entire s...