Sara Al Mahdy

I'm Sara, a girl with a passion for music, art, politics and science. I write a weekly column where I review and promote artists that I think are doing something great. 

The Loss of Young Talent
9 days ago
Mac Miller; rapper, artist, visionary and prodigy, was found dead last week at his LA home due to a drug overdose. Mac Miller was truly an incredible musician. His music was generally very well receiv...
'Home Is Where the Art Is'
14 days ago
Welcome to my new series, reviewing and promoting music. The first artist I saw fit to be reviewing goes by the name "Barney Artist." He's a hip-hop artist who infuses elements of jazz and soul into his music. His collection is very refreshing and, in my eyes, an integral shift that the hip-hop scene desperately needs. To put it in the words of 6lack, Barney "cares a bit more about your ears." With his eclectic and soulful beats and mixes over a solid and chill flow, Barney's music makes for a v...