Sara Al Mahdy

I'm Sara, a girl with a passion for music, art, politics and science. I write a weekly column where I review and promote artists that I think are doing something great. 

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The Progression of Childish Gambino
6 months ago
From the moment I began listening to Childish Gambino, I loved him. The first time I heard his music was when me and my best friend were up to something illegal and he played me Redbone. This was when...
Your Playlist for Next Week
7 months ago
Today I thought I'd post something a bit different. Over the past couple of weeks I've been discovering and dipping into a lot of new and different music, so I thought I'd make a quick playlist of songs that I've been loving and write a bit about why I love them so much.
Youth Lagoon - Trevor Is Back!
7 months ago
When I was 13, I first discovered my favorite song of all time: "July," by Youth Lagoon. I was introduced to it by my favorite writer of all time (aside from Bukowski), Jason Myers. I will never forget that day. I had my crappy apple earbuds in that were barely working. I was reading Blazed by Jason Myers on my sofa. The special thing about this book was that it had a massive long playlist at the back, with a song to listen to for each chapter. I had only got the book that day, but chapter three...
The Loss of Young Talent
7 months ago
Mac Miller; rapper, artist, visionary and prodigy, was found dead last week at his LA home due to a drug overdose. Mac Miller was truly an incredible musician. His music was generally very well receiv...
'Home Is Where the Art Is'
7 months ago
Welcome to my new series, reviewing and promoting music. The first artist I saw fit to be reviewing goes by the name "Barney Artist." He's a hip-hop artist who infuses elements of jazz and soul into his music. His collection is very refreshing and, in my eyes, an integral shift that the hip-hop scene desperately needs. To put it in the words of 6lack, Barney "cares a bit more about your ears." With his eclectic and soulful beats and mixes over a solid and chill flow, Barney's music makes for a v...