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How One French Producer Creates Music for a 2D World
6 months ago
Video game programmer by day and an underground music producer by night is just another day in the life of Ray ~ Yami. I had the pleasure of interviewing them the other day about their video game and ...
How Hybrid Artist Hitslut Is Twisting up the Metal Genre
6 months ago
The other day I had the pleasure of interviewing hybrid terror metal guitarist Mr. Slut aka Hitslut. He has been bringing a unique sound over on the blockchain's Musicoin and combining styles of genre...
Why Turning Fear into Distorted Art Can Save Your Soul
6 months ago
A few days ago I had the pleasure of interviewing at an underground artist from The Anthropophobia Project. I discovered him from a friend on SoundCloud and was impressed with the dirty, groovy riffs ...
6 Productivity Tips for Aspiring Producers
7 months ago
Music production is one of those jobs where you mix pleasure with actual work. You won’t find a producer who’s been at it for some years that isn’t a “music nerd,” so to speak. Still, the pleasure par...
8 Modern Trippy Psychedelic Artists That Will Melt Your Face This Year!
9 months ago
The emergence and subsequent explosion of the Psychedelic music genre is one of those elements that defined “swinging sixties.” Psychedelic folk, psychedelic rock, and acid rock bands ruled the music ...