Sean Callaghan

 Writer, Drummer, Singer, Percussionist, Star Wars and Disney Devotee.

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'Tumbleweed Connection'
7 days ago
Elton John's third album was released later in 1970 after his career-making second album was released earlier in the year. The Tumbleweed Connection album immediately sets a western mood with the phot...
Elton John
12 days ago
For all intents and purposes, the eponymous Elton John album released in 1970 was an overnight smash debut that propelled the future "rocket man" to the top of the charts, and for the first half of th...
Our Empty Sky Was Filled With Laughter
24 days ago
In December 1968, Elton and Producer Steve Brown went to Dick James Studios in London to record Elton’s first album Empty Sky. Sessions for the album lasted until April of 1969. The album was released...
My Guitar Couldn't Hold You So I Split the Band
a month ago
When Elton John was sent to the United States by Dick James Music in 1970 to perform. He was accompanied by a touring band comprised of Dee Murray on Bass and Nigel Olsson on drums. Though Dee and Nig...