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Fly Away, Skyline Pigeon, Fly!
9 days ago
Elton John has become almost as famous with his work on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention as he has for his music. Elton frequently plays benefits for the cause of AIDS awareness. His AIDS Foundation ...
'Rock of the Westies'
16 days ago
Rock of the Westies, a play on words of West of the Rockies, was the third album recorded by Elton John at Caribou Ranch in Colorado, his second album of 1975 as well as his second of 1975 to debut at...
When Politics Trumps Music
24 days ago
I have been a Pink Floyd fan since one snowy day when a neighbor introduced me to the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" effect. I was greatly amused by the effect of watching The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side ...
'Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy'
a month ago
In early 1975, an exhausted Elton John, Bernie Taupin and their entourage returned from an exhilarating world tour to Caribou Ranch in Colorado to put down their next album. The tour was highly succes...
a month ago
Coming off the career defining success of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, it is hard to imagine any follow up could live up to it's illustrious predecessor. That is not to say there is nothing good on Elto...
'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'
2 months ago
Released in October of 1973 Elton John's first double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was a significant moment in Elton's career. Interestingly this great album was initially born out of not so great ...