Shandi Pace

I'm a recent journalism graduate that loves music and sports.

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The Man That Changed the Music Industry
2 months ago
No one stands up to Paul McCartney. Beginning his musical journey in the Beatles, he also enjoyed another successful band, as well as a solo career. As a music icon, he’s played over our airwaves for ...
How The Beatles Helped Heal America's Broken Heart
6 months ago
Almost everyone that was alive at the time can recall when, where, and what they were doing when President John F. Kennedy was shot riding in his motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas. Only t...
1968: Rock ’n’ Roll’s Triumphant Year
10 months ago
The year 1967 represented a cultural shift in music that would continue far past its 365 days. Turning the page onto a new year, 1968 was different. Multiple musicians that ruled the “Summer of Love” ...
The Cultural Impact of the Beatles - The Fans and Touring
10 months ago
The popularity of the Beatles throughout the 60s was indescribable. Thousands of teenagers would show up at airports around the world to catch a glimpse of them and queue in line for hours for the sli...
The Most Powerful Political Songs of the Decade: The 1970s
a year ago
Where the 1960s sparked a change in America, the 1970s carried on the protesting torch. A new president had been in power with the promise of removing troops from Vietnam with no such luck, mass racia...
Why It’s Time to Stop Calling Greta Van Fleet the Next Led Zeppelin
a year ago
From their breakthrough onto the rock ’n’ roll scene, Greta Van Fleet has been garnering comparisons to the legendary Led Zeppelin. Now, there are definitely worse things to be linked to but it doesn’...