Skunk Uzeki

Skunk Uzeki is an androgynous pothead and a hard partier.  When they aren't drinking and causing trouble, they're writing articles about the fun times they have. 

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The Worst Song to Ever be Created
2 years ago
Sometimes, bad music happens to good bands. Elvis Presley infamously sang "Confidence" as part of a children's movie he filmed in the late 60s. Chuck Berry's song, "My Ding-A-Ling," was his only solo ...
Best Indie Rock Bands
2 years ago
We're pretty sure that VH1 has done at least one list ranking the best indie rock bands of all time. Indie rock has been around for longer than hipsters have been in Brooklyn, and the fact is that man...
Things You Didn't Know About Being a Rock Star
2 years ago
If you listen to any major interview with a band, they'll be very upfront to say that there are things you didn't know about being a rock star. They may allude to groupies, or to the fact that there's...
Most Overrated Electronica Concert Venues, According to an Expert
2 years ago
Electronica concert venues tend to be a bit different than most other venues out there. Unlike rock venues, electronica venues don't usually have seating and often basically require wide, open spaces....
Things You Don't Know About the Radio Industry
2 years ago
If there's one thing that you learn after hanging out with a lot of music professionals, it's how utterly bizarre, political, and phony working in the industry can be. I've seen it all - diva outburst...
The 4 Elements Of Hip Hop
2 years ago
Most hip hop fans know all about the latest album dropped, the latest gossip between rappers, or the newest video vixen to get mainstream status. They can also tell you volumes about urban streetwear,...