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Reason First: Is Blueface the Truest Rapper Alive?
2 hours ago
Like Morris Chestnut’s character Ricky Baker in the seminal film Boyz n the Hood (1991), Jonathan “Blueface” Porter possessed designs to play college football. Unlike Baker’s character, Porter actually went on to play a stent of ball at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. Porter represents yet another hip-hop artist with an easy flow, laidback persona, and intriguing presence, but can another gang-related rapper crossover to the mainstream? With lyrics like, “that boy got a necklace...
Does T.I. Stand for the Intellectual?
25 days ago
There once was a Douglass High School principal in Atlanta, Georgia who encouraged his students to employ a sophisticated vocabulary in their speech. He walked the hallways like a southern Joe Louis C...
Is Troy Ave Better Than Drake?
a month ago
The rap world is fractured. On different planes, you have a Pulitzer Prize-winning act like Kendrick Lamar and on the other you have energetic and rambunctious figures like Soulja Boy still holding it...
Tekashi69's Chance
4 months ago
Never mind the multicolored hair. Never mind all the antics and outbursts. Do recall the acts of violence and the confirmed sexual misconduct leveled against Daniel “Tekashi69” or “6ix9ine” Hernandez....
Pulling Rank: How Machine Gun Kelly’s Animus Against Eminem Exemplifies White Hatred Listed from a Verbal Assault to Possible Reconciliation
6 months ago
Epistemology is one of the two main prongs of Ayn Rand’s groundbreaking philosophy that consists of five branches where fresh thinking resonates the most. The other is with ethics. But it is reason th...
Lamentation for the CEO of Soul Who Stood for Respect
7 months ago
The titles of royalty are bandied about in America as if they lived in the United States. It is as if the forefathers did not devise an antidote to tyranny and oppression with the Declaration of Indep...