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Red Velvet Beauty Ranking
2 months ago
Disclaimer: this list or ranking does not intend to degrade the beauty of certain members just because they place last on certain eras. All members are beautiful, and have their own charm and talent. However, depending on the concept, makeup, and outfits used during certain eras, these fit certain members better than than others; making her beauty stand out more than the rest. I tried to include all their music videos, even when Yeri was not part of the group, and those that they didn't promote ...
Top 6 Most Beautiful TWICE Members
3 months ago
I must first clarify that this ranking is just my opinion. All members are beautiful and they each have their own charm that contribute to the success and popularity of each comeback and the group as a whole. However, each comeback and songs are suited better for some members than other. Which is why some members get more attention or look more beautiful depending on the concept. Also this ranking is not based on who is my favorite member or more popular at the moment of each comeback. You might...
Top 3 Most Beautiful Girl's Generation Members
3 months ago
Disclaimer: With this ranking I do not intend to diminish the beauty of the rest of the members. They are all pretty and your opinion might be different than mine. However, depending on the concept, outfit, or makeup the members use per era, some members are bound to stand out more than the others. In this ranking, I have also included music videos that they used to promote for their activities in Japan. I have also included music videos and ranking for their sub-units.
BLACKPINK Beauty Ranking
4 months ago
Quick disclaimer: this is just my opinion, and your list can, and it will, be different that mine. Each girl has a unique charm and talent. That is why depending on the concept, song, outfits, and makeup one of the girls is bound to stand out more than the others in beauty. I think they are all pretty, and that without one of them the group is incomplete. "Boombayah" 1. Jennie 2. Lisa 3. Jisoo 4. Rosé Jennie really fits "Boombayah's" style. When I first heard that YG was debuting a girl group, I...
Most Beautiful 2NE1 Members
4 months ago
I just want to put a disclaimer out there that this is just my personal opinion, and that your list may differ to mine. Also, all the members are beautiful, and they each have their own talent and charisma. However, depending on the concept of each comeback and music video, some members tend to stand out more than others. Not to mention their popularity of the time and how hard the entertainment company pushed a certain member to the public. For example, CL was constantly pushed by YG, and there...
[TOP 4] Most Viewed K-Pop
7 months ago
Week three is here! Another week to see new legends rise and records be smashed! These are the four most viewed KPOP music videos on YouTube as of January 18, 2019. They're basically the "Most Popular K-Pop Music Videos of All Time!" I've excluded dance-practices, live performances, and songs not sung in Korean. If I have missed any songs that should be on this list, I apologize in advance. Each week I will update this list, so that we can see which songs are rising in popularity, and which are ...