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EXO | Favorite Ranking
9 months ago
I must begin by stating that I only included the nine members that are part of the current member line. When I really started getting into K-pop and found out of EXO, there were already nine members. ...
Crayon Pop Beauty Ranking per Era
9 months ago
I have been seeing a couple of these videos and articles going around. Just a small but important disclaimer: this list is only my opinion. You may think that a certain member looked prettier or fit an era better than the other. I understand that and respect your opinion. So, please understand and respect my opinion as well. Now this list, you can say, is biased. Crayon Pop is my ultimate bias girl group, but I have never been able to pinpoint a concrete bias. For example, when I just discovered...
Crayon Pop - 'Dancing Queen 2.0'
10 months ago
This music video from Crayon Pop brings so many memories. I remember when I was barely getting into K-pop, I saw a reality showed that featured many idols. I thought that Ellin was one of the pretties...
a year ago
My BTS favorites list keeps changing constantly, but for the past ten months or so it has been pretty solid. Hence, why I decided to do a list a for each member. Don't get me wrong every member is amazing and has their own talents.