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Underground Female Rappers You Should Listen To
a year ago
Even with female hip hop artists making millions right next to their male counterparts, it still seems like there is a shortage of dope female rappers. But there isn't. In fact, they're as common as g...
Feminist Rappers from 2017 You Need to Listen To
a year ago
It's no secret that most of the rap songs from male artists that make it on the radio have to do with subjugating, objectifying, and degrading women. Yeah, they all have catchy hooks and sweet beats, ...
Weird Facts About Your Favorite Rock Musicians
a year ago
Rock musicians are often known for their tough exterior and their reckless behavior. However, as with most celebrities, fans forget that at the end of the day, rock stars are also just people. They ha...
Best Nerdcore Rappers to Check Out Now
a year ago
Nerdcore is a subgenere of rap and hip hop that finds most of its influence in the world of gaming. Some of the best nerdcore rappers are intentionally ridiculous, while others endeavor to make qualit...
The Best Tech Gifts for Music Lovers
2 years ago
The kind of music tech product you want to get depends on the audiophile you're shopping for. For example, is this person serious about recording or their home studio? Or would they rather have someth...
The Best Music Videos of 2017
2 years ago
When contemplating the best music videos of 2017, there are a lot of factors to consider: Genre, message, visual content, etc. Instead of narrowing the choices down to one particular theme or genre, t...