Thomas Graves

Aspiring academic, sometime activist, lapsed musician. Creating content on music in culture, music and emotion, and music in politics.

Mehtab Malhotra: An Outsider's Stumble Through the Musical Poetry of South Asian Ghazal
2 years ago
After a few minutes winding down streets near Green Park, London, I stepped into the Nehru Centre (cultural wing of the High Commission for India). I showed my ticket and wandered in, spending some time perusing artwork displayed in a well lit, high ceilinged room before heading upstairs for the concert. As I entered the room I was washed over with the sudden darkness of a room in which only the musicians were lit, and the faint, sweet scent of rose water that transported me back to my recent br...
Why Am I Here? Musics, Cultures, Emotions
2 years ago
I am new here. A good question to ask whenever one finds oneself in a new space, be it physical or virtual is, "Why am I here?" This is not always an easy question to answer, and can sometimes lead th...