Tim Ellerbe II

I am a Musician, Author and Artist. Find out more on my Facebook page. Tim Ellerbe II for the uninitiated :)

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Organic Reach Marketing
4 months ago
Not too long ago, I wrote an article on the dangers of the internet. While that article covered many aspects of internet usage and abuses, I was and am particularly concerned with what those abuses me...
Social Media for Musicians
a year ago
Social Media for Artists Today I want to talk about the benefits of using social media platforms to your advantage. Most social media users have no idea of the real power of the medium. For the Music ...
Taking Back Control of Your Royalties
2 years ago
There was a time not too long ago when Musicians and songwriters were able to make a decent living from their craft. If you had a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) working on your behalf, you were...
The Art of Networking
2 years ago
Hello my fellow artists. Today we are going to be discussing the importance of networking. The term simply means in this case, making connections with other artists or industry professionals. One of t...
Music Manager 101
2 years ago
Having a manager can be a wonderful thing or a huge headache. Let us first look at the latter. An artist needs to have a good working relationship with their manager. There has to be a great deal of t...
Live Show Preparation
2 years ago
Ah, Live performance. This is the Artist’s best chance to make a good impression and gain more fans, not to mention to remind current fans of why they love you and your music. The key word here is per...