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Shaken Not Twerked: Beyonce In Talks To Sing 'Bond 25' Song
2 years ago
Say his name, say his name, because 007's next theme song could be about to get a "bootylicious" makeover from a certain queen of pop. We already know that Daniel Craig will be back as the sharp-shoot...
A 'Royals' Embarrassment: Lorde Compares Taylor Swift Friendship To 'An Autoimmune Disease'
2 years ago
Now, I'm no Hollywood starlet, but I am pretty sure when you're a multi-millionaire pop-star, comparing your relationship with other equally privileged members of the glitterati to an autoimmune disea...
I Dissed A Girl And I Liked It: Music Producer Joseph Kahn Supports Taylor Swift In Katy Perry Feud
2 years ago
Here's betting that #KatyPerry wishes she could just "Swish Swish" her magic wand and get the latest chapter in her very public debacle out the way. Perry's latest single, "Swish Swish," has once agai...
No Tea, No Shade, No Pink Lemonade: Katy Perry Changes Her Song Lyrics For Taylor Swift
2 years ago
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but when that woman is a multi-millionaire pop princess and the good and the great of Hollywood are forced to pick sides, it can get a little messy. We are of c...
Stan You Believe It? Eminem's 'Stan' Officially Makes It Into the Oxford Dictionary
2 years ago
Talk about taking your sweet time, however, boy do we have a throwback for you. Some 17 years after Marshall Mathers rocketed up the charts with "Stan," becoming one of the best-known rap songs of the...
Katy Perry's Dancer Brings The House Down In BRIT Awards Tumble
2 years ago
First there was Left Shark, now there is "Left House." Being a dancer for a multi-millionaire pop icon is no mean feat, I mean come on, first you are dressed like a Building Society piggybank, then yo...