Victor Trammell

Mr. Trammell is a digital media producer and author who has covered stories about current events for the Your Black World online news network and the Michael Baisden Show. He currently serves as an Executive Editor for

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Song Review and Video Premiere: 'Points up' by Big Court
2 months ago
Like professional athletes, star rap artists must have a backup plan when their careers dwindle prematurely. Doing so diversifies your marketability and gives you more investment potential. However, unlike sports, hip-hop has a longer shelf life when it comes to how long rappers are active. Father time has lost no battles when it comes to the average age that professional athletes typically retire from their respective leagues. Very few athletes, such as legendary NBA icon Michael Jordan, have b...
Mixtape Review: Spizzy PM & King Boo—'2 Kingz: Moves Among Men'
2 months ago
There's a difference between being an aspiring talent with development potential and an artist with their own business who is working toward expanding an enterprise, not just their personal brand. The...
Song Review: 'My God' by Spizzy PM & King Boo
4 months ago
There are many keys to being successful in the record business. The key that will be focused on in this music review column is consistency. Literally everybody and their mama wants to be in the entertainment business. When it comes to the music industry, in particular, people get easily enamored by the images and lifestyles being portrayed by their favorite artists in songs and music videos. The dancing, partying, and fun vibes being depicted in these videos by signed and unsigned artists alike ...
Song Review: "Those Nights" by King Boo
5 months ago
One of the biggest misconceptions about organic hip-hop music that comes straight from the type of neighborhoods where the genre originated is that the songs don't have a meaning. Radio stations and other mainstream media music distribution outlets will add to these misconceptions by refusing to promote such music because of the curse words in the song lyrics or due to the fear of political backlash. In American music history, hip-hop solo artists like Ice T and rap groups like NWA were relegate...
Song Review: "For My Soldiers" by Spizzy PM
5 months ago
You have three main kinds of hip-hop performers. There is the rap artist who expresses the environment they come from while naming off the vicarious experiences of others. They may not have lived through those experiences themselves, but they were close enough to people who did to give an accurate depiction of their environmental elements. Then you have the rap artist who merely does what they do for entertainment purposes. Their music is not about a life experience they have actually lived. The...
Memphis Rapper Young Dolph Survives Shooting Again This Year; LAPD Says Yo Gotti is Not Currently a Person of Interest
9 months ago
On Tuesday, September 26, Memphis, Tennessee-bred rapper Adolph "Young Dolph" Thornton ended up in a Los Angeles-area hospital after being shot multiple times in the torso, according to the LAPD. LAPD...