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In July of 2012, my career as a published author, copywriter, editor, and journalist began at In my current role, I work on the writing/production team for The Michael Baisden Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. 

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Song Review: "Those Nights" by King Boo
20 days ago
One of the biggest misconceptions about organic hip-hop music that comes straight from the type of neighborhoods where the genre originated is that the songs don't have a meaning. Radio stations and other mainstream media music distribution outlets will add to these misconceptions by refusing to promote such music because of the curse words in the song lyrics or due to the fear of political backlash. In American music history, hip-hop solo artists like Ice T and rap groups like NWA were relegate...
Song Review: "For My Soldiers" by Spizzy PM
a month ago
You have three main kinds of hip-hop performers. There is the rap artist who expresses the environment they come from while naming off the vicarious experiences of others. They may not have lived through those experiences themselves, but they were close enough to people who did to give an accurate depiction of their environmental elements. Then you have the rap artist who merely does what they do for entertainment purposes. Their music is not about a life experience they have actually lived. The...
Memphis Rapper Young Dolph Survives Shooting Again This Year; LAPD Says Yo Gotti is Not Currently a Person of Interest
5 months ago
On Tuesday, September 26, Memphis, Tennessee-bred rapper Adolph "Young Dolph" Thornton ended up in a Los Angeles-area hospital after being shot multiple times in the torso, according to the LAPD. LAPD...
Two of Hip-Hop's Biggest Moguls Make Forbes' List of "Greatest Living Business Minds" in 100th Anniversary Issue
5 months ago
Forbes Magazine has achieved a major milestone this month. On September 15, 2017, the bi-weekly American business publication celebrated its 100-year anniversary of being in commission. Any organizati...
Free Lecture at Montana State University to Analyze the Credibility of Referencing Rap Lyrics in Criminal Trials
5 months ago
Later this week, Montana State University will be sponsoring a lecture, which is free and open to the public at its Procrastinator Theater in the college's Strand Union Building. According to a recent...
Beyoncé Organizes BeyGOOD Houston Relief Effort in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
6 months ago
Singer and megastar Beyoncé has followed through on her vow to provide significant assistance, which will go toward the disaster relief efforts in Southeast Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's aft...