Wade Wainio

Wade Wainio writes for Undead Walking, Pophorror.com and 1428 Elm.  He is also an artist, musician and college radio DJ for WMTU 91.9 FM Houghton.

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Metal: Bathory—"In Conspiracy with Satan" [Mini-Bio and Brief Look at the First Album]
10 months ago
[Note: I am not a professional metal historian, nor a huge metalhead. However, to the best of knowledge, this information is accurate—also, sometimes even huge fans get facts wrong, so I wouldn't be a...
Similar Much? Mogwai's 'Sine Wave,' Nine Inch Nail's 'A Warm Place,' David Bowie's 'Crystal Japan'
a year ago
A tune is rarely 100 percent original, for better or worse. For example, Mogwai's tune "Sine Wave" is very similar to "A Warm Place" by Nine Inch Nails (NIN), which is itself similar to "Crystal Japan...
Souvenir's Young America: A Good Band You've Probably Never Heard
a year ago
We live in a troubled age, and how we treat music (and musicians) reflects that. I won't say musicians are always treated badly, but they are often chronically overlooked. Unless they're created by co...
Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops (Live, Philly '76)/Also, the 'Cheap Thrills' Version
a year ago
There are many different versions of Frank Zappa's "The Torture Never Stops," but the best I've heard (yet) occurred in Philadelphia in 1976 -- 5 years before I was born. In my experience, "The Tortur...
A Look at Corrosion of Conformity's 'Wiseblood'
a year ago
I'm only 36-years-old (as of this writing), but seeing how old some albums are puts that number in perspective. Corrosion of Conformity's Wiseblood is just such an album. It came out in 1996, when I w...