Wade Wainio

Wade Wainio writes for Undead Walking, Pophorror.com and 1428 Elm.  He is also an artist, musician and college radio DJ for WMTU 91.9 FM Houghton.

Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops (Live, Philly '76)/Also, the 'Cheap Thrills' Version
9 days ago
There are many different versions of Frank Zappa's "The Torture Never Stops," but the best I've heard (yet) occurred in Philadelphia in 1976 -- 5 years before I was born. In my experience, "The Tortur...
A Look at Corrosion of Conformity's 'Wiseblood'
3 months ago
I'm only 36-years-old (as of this writing), but seeing how old some albums are puts that number in perspective. Corrosion of Conformity's Wiseblood is just such an album. It came out in 1996, when I w...