Will Vasquez

Venue manager in Austin, TX. No, you can’t meet the band.

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ROLI Lightpad Block Lets You Create Music on the Go
a year ago
The ROLI Lightpad Block is an intuitive and expressive tactile control surface that will change the way you create electronic music. It’s the main performance controller for ROLI’s entire Blocks syste...
Best New Cloud Rappers Out Right Now
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You might not have ever heard of cloud rap before, but it just might be your new favorite subgenre of hip hop. To give you a hint, if you know what sad boi rappers are, you already know half of what y...
Holiday Gift Ideas for the Vinyl Enthusiast in Your Life
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If you know someone or are someone who collects vinyl, you know the hobby doesn't stop at just the records themselves. Frankly, it's more than just enthusiasm—it's obsession. But that's not a bad thin...
Best American Hip Hop Artists
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Hip hop is more than music. It’s a passion, an urban movement meant to inspire individuals to broadcast their unique talents. Since conception, society has birthed many hip hop artists who have taken ...
Sexiest Music Videos of All Time
2 years ago
Music videos are considered to be marketing tools which are used as artist commercials as well as entertainment. Producing the super sexy music videos helped some artists reach higher visibility and f...
Don't Forget the Flamin' Groovies
2 years ago
The Flamin Groovies released their third album, Teenage Head, back in 1971 to much critical praise. However, because the group was known only tentatively in the Midwest and San Fransisco (where they o...