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All Genres Allowed—Top Fives
5 months ago
Some times All Genres Allowed is going to take you into the world of the Top Five. That's when we make random lists of whatever we choose and you have the liberty to agree, take us to task, or just si...
All Genres Allowed - J.O Rocks on Amazon Prime, iTunes & YouTube
5 months ago
What a time for J.O. The wild and outspoken artist has a documentary on Amazon Prime, a new album on all streaming platforms, and a music video on YouTube. She's been performing since 2007 but this is...
All Genres Allowed - Adina Howard's 'Unsung' on TV One
5 months ago
Most of you know Adina Howard for her provocative 1990s hits "Freak Like Me" and "T-Shirt & Panties." I, however, have gotten the rare opportunity to work with Adina as a filmmaker over the past five ...
'All Genres Allowed'—Parisalexa Arrives
5 months ago
So before we get rolling, let's explain what this is all about. Music totally dominates in my life. I hear it almost all day. I grew up singing, playing trumpet and listening to any genre I could find...