Yvonne Glasgow

Writer/Editor.IndieAuthor.Poet.Artist.Crafter.Book/MusicReviewer. The Art of Dreams & Divination. Holistic Life Coach PhD, Spiritual Counseling DD, Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained. glassgoatpublishing.com YvonneGlasgow.com.

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EveningShade’s 'Impulses'
2 months ago
James Pinkstone, aka EveningShade, is an Atlanta-based electronic composer with a passion for horror flicks reflected within his songs. While some of the tunes from EveningShade will have you nostalgi...
HOLY WOW’s 'Nebulas' Official Video
2 months ago
For fans of darkwave and new wave music, and those of us that simply miss the 90s and all of the amazing music genres that were running amuck in that decade, HOLY WOW has a glorious musical tidbit tha...
Jupiter In Velvet’s 'Beautiful New Day'
3 months ago
Music that has a sound that spans decades is what you will find on Jupiter In Velvet’s Beautiful New Day. It’s an 11-track album with an eclectic and classic sound. From the first song, you feel as th...
David Alpha’s 'Rockin’ Roulette' EP
3 months ago
David Alpha is a musician based out of Tampa whose music has been described as eclectic. He has an expansive musical background with a couple of different bands and a plethora of solo recordings. If h...
Straight Six's 'Full Circle'
3 months ago
Have you been longing for some real rock again? I’m talking about the stuff from the 80s and early 90s—the hard rock that made you play air guitar and fall in love in the back seat of your parent's ca...
Julia King’s 'Cannonball'
3 months ago
Julia King is a talented songstress with a new album in the works for release next year. Leading up to the release of that album, King is slowly sharing some singles online in order to whet your whist...