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Writer/Editor.IndieAuthor.Poet.Artist.Crafter.Book/MusicReviewer. The Art of Dreams & Divination. Holistic Life Coach PhD, Spiritual Counseling DD, Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained. glassgoatpublishing.com YvonneGlasgow.com.

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Mavara Makes Epic Music
a year ago
For anyone that likes progressive rock and enjoys experimental music, I give you Mavara. They are an intriguing band with a sound that is reminiscent of Dream Theater, while their press release compar...
The Great Escape Makes Music a Great Escape
a year ago
This band doesn’t just sound cool, they look cool too. They look like the cool kids you want to hang out with at the dive bar. The ones that attract all the attention because they ooze coolness. The c...
It's Just Craig Creates a Haunting Story
a year ago
Concept albums will always have a place in the musical world. They tell a story, through music, that could be told other ways, but combining the story with music makes it that much more artful. This a...
The Kris Heaton Band Has Springsteen-like Qualities
a year ago
The Kris Heaton Band has a blues rock sound and it emanates from the songs on World Gone Mad, beginning with “Who Let The Bullets Fly.” This catchy tune is a potent opener that will surely make mellow...
Dance Music from Oceanlux
a year ago
It’s not often that there are musical voices out there that really inspire me, give me chills, and make me fall in love. The last time that happened was the first time I heard Halsey. It’s something t...
The Rightly So Makes Country Good Again
a year ago
I am not a huge country fan, not since the 90s anyway. If a country song came out since the beginning of the 2000s I probably don’t like it, unless it’s Garth Brooks. I’m a fickle country fan. I like ...