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Mariachi for the Millennium
a year ago
The only time in this review I am going to compare this band to The Beatles is right now, and that’s simply because both bands came out of Liverpool. I was actually kind of surprised to find that Live...
The Stangs Are Vintage Meets Modern Rock
a year ago
The first thing that I noticed when I gave this EP a listen was that this is music that is pleasant to listen to. It’s likely that you’ve noticed music get louder and louder over the decades. And, of ...
Chrystyna Marie Makes Blues and Country Masterpieces
a year ago
Chrystyna Marie has a unique and powerful sound. Her music blends blues, rock, and country, and it sounds fabulous. As you listen to her tunes on this new EP will you find that each song kind of sound...
Andrew Goldring Releases Morning Light EP
a year ago
A few months ago I reviewed the first available track from Andrew Goldring’s Morning Light EP, which became available on July 1st. “Cosmic Dance” is definitely a great song and I have continued to lis...
Adam Winn Releases a Winning EP of Epic Storytelling Songs
a year ago
From the first note of “Creston,” the first song on Adam Winn’s new EP, you’ll be hooked. This singer/songwriter seems to have a knack for making amazing music and telling interesting stories in his l...
'How Music Works' by David Byrne
a year ago
I have had this book in my possession for over a month now, I believe. It has taken me that long to get through it. I am always reading more than one book at a time though, so that is part of the prob...